September 5th 2019

Sleaford swimmers tour the Renewable Energy Plant

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant recently hosted members of the Sleaford Early Morning Swimming Group. It was an opportunity for members of the group to see the plant in operation, meet members of the Sleaford REP team and learn more about how the plant generates renewable electricity into the Grid, whilst delivering the excess heat that it produces to Sleaford Swimming Pool and other civic and sports buildings in the town.  The heat is supplied by the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant free-of-charge, and is part of the power station’s long-term support to the local community.

David Stark of the Sleaford Early Morning Swimming Group said: “The tour round the plant was very good and informative, taking us through the whole process from the moment the straw arrives.  It was great to see how the plant actually heats Sleaford Swimming Pool, something that our group and other users of the pool benefit from on a daily basis.”

Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant hosts visits from bona fide local community groups every month.  If your group would like to visit the plant, please email


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