December 2nd 2019

Sleaford swimmers see how Sleaford REP heats the town’s pool

We’ve just hosted a second group of swimmers from Sleaford’s Leisure Centre.  As part of our plant tour programme, the swimmers went behind the scenes of our power plant.  They saw how we take delivery of straw that is used to generate renewable electricity into the local grid and how the excess heat that is produced is used to heat the town’s Leisure Centre and its swimming pool as well as other sports facilities in the town, the William Alvey primary school and the North Kesteven’s Council building – free of charge, just one of the many benefits that the plant brings to the local community.

The plant tour programme is open to any bona fide community group as well as local school groups (Year 7 and above).   Groups are limited to 12 people.  If you are interested in registering for a slot in 2020, please contact Paul Taylor via for further information.

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