How was this site identified?
Straw is a distributed resource and it has a relatively low energy value per tonne (compared with coal, for example). These two factors make the cost of transporting fuel to the plant quite high, and best practice dictates that a straw-fired power station should be close to a concentrated region of straw production to minimise these costs. North Kesteven met these criteria, with a significant proportion of its land devoted to wheat farming.

  • Were other sites considered before deciding upon this one?
    The location on agricultural land was chosen after a thorough site selection exercise. This site selection exercise considered sites that are currently allocated for industrial use in the first instance. Each site was tested against a number of criteria including plot size, access, grid connection, and impact on local amenities. No suitable sites were available. The site search was then extended to greenfield sites and the Sleaford site on Boston Road was selected because it passed the criteria mentioned above. A more detailed review of the site selection exercise was submitted as part of the environmental statement. IPPC Application Non Technical Summary
  • Where is the plant located?
    The plant is located on Eslaford Park/Boston Rd, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 7ER. 


  • How much has been invested in the community?
    £285,000 – for more information on our community investment please go to the Community Benefits page.
  • Does the plant receive financial support from the Government in low-carbon subsidies?


  • Who is responsible for the running of the plant?
    Natural Power has management responsibility for the plant, working on behalf of GREP1/Greencoat Capital, the owners of the plant.  Engineers from BWSC run the plant on a day-to-day basis. Eco2 handles the fuel procurement and logistics.
  • Are there harmful air emissions from the plant?
    See Environment section.
  • Are local habitats be affected by the plant?
    The plant is enhancing local habitats through the planting of 3,000 trees, shrubs and grassland.
  • When does the plant take deliveries of straw (and woodchip)? We receive deliveries between 7.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday, and from 7.15am to 7.00pm on Saturdays.  There are no deliveries on Sundays or on Bank Holidays. The delivery times are authorised by North Kesteven District Council

Economic Benefits

  • How many jobs?
    It created up to 300 jobs during construction and now supports more than 80 local jobs including: 30 on-site operatives and fuel source logistics.
  • What type of jobs?
    Various such as plant operators, craftsmen, drivers, office administrators and security.
  • Are local businesses supplying goods and services to the plant?